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No more A to F grades! Collect images, videos, code, and documents in your learning record and share your achievements with universities and employers.

Learning Record Benefits

Build your portfolio with our teachers, we'll connect you to opportunities.

Social LearningBuild, publish and inspire your friends with your creations. Find posts from others, message them to collaborate and teach each-other.

Flexible, Shareable, TransferableYou choose what you share with who with a unique link. Filter by skills, and dynamically create different views for different readers.

Multi-Format Proof of Learning Collect images, code, videos, documents and tell your story of growth all from one place.

Get Matched to OpportunitiesCity as a School 'Guides' match your learning record with work and internships opportunities at partner organisations.

Unlock Pathways

University, Employability, Maximum Flexibility

Download our free app, capture your learning with a flexible and transferable, data format.

We're partnering with credential and certification providers both new and old so you can choose the right path when you know.

Credentials and badges such as:
Mastery Transcript, Credly Badges, and Verifiable Credentials.

Show the World Your Best Self

Mix, match, and stack your verified skills, while linking to and embedding pictures, videos, code and documents to show evidence of everything you learn.

3 Innovative Methods for Validating Learning

1. Mastery Transcript: For Universities

The traditional transcript reinforces outdated modes of education, constrains innovation, limits learning to single subjects, and impedes the pursuit of educational equity and excellence. It sorts and sifts students through a narrow measures such as grades GPAs, reducing each complex and unique individual to a simple number. The MTC Mastery Transcript® is a dramatic alternative to the status quo. It supports each student in learning for today’s world, in exploring and pursuing varied pathways to futures that compel them, and in being recognized for acquiring and mastering skills both inside and outside of school.

2. Proof of Learning Protocol: For Deep Understanding

Proof of Learning Protocol (PoLP) is a tool that empowers learners to discover ideas, validate learning, and unlock opportunities. It is a project that is re-designing learning for future workplaces where the only tasks needed are those that cannot be automated and that require creativity, social intelligence, reflection, and cooperation. Enable long-term systemic changes and truly empowers both learners and teachers!

3. Credly Badges: For Employers and Industry

The most-connected network. The top training brands, certification providers, higher education institutions, professional associations, and employers choose Credly as their digital credential network.