Create a portfolio that
unlocks your dream career
in half the time with AI

ARK, is an AI copilot that helps you find your ideal career path
and build a portfolio in half the time
For Ages 14+

Build your dream career
Online & In Person

Learn online and practice in person. Discover classes, bootcamps , workshops and more.


Choose your own adventure based on your goals. Take the fastest route or explore new passions.

Career & Uni Paths

Develop skills that employers and universities love. Build projects as you get advice from experts.

Maximum Flexibility

Learn at your own pace. Pay only for what you attend and get extra support when you need.

Ever felt like what you learn at school & university doesn't connect to the real world?

Do you wonder how it's relevant to getting a job, global warming, video games, banks, helping your community, manufacturing cars, earning $ on youtube, or your Interests...

What if we told you there was a different way to build your dream career? #learnbybuilding

Choose your own adventure

Turning your passions into pathways and opportunities

Embark on a new kind of learning journey

Meet ARK, your AI co-pilot

In the future today anyone can have an AI copilot that supports them on their own defined standard of success in life - for free.

Your goals and interests dictate a grand multiplayer video game where you are the main character, you collab with your homies and all of human technology is a skills tree.
Build your dream career

A skills support network that's with you for life

Knowing your strengths, showcasing your experiences, and building a network helps you stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. You'll leave City as a School with:

Accelerate your learning with a Learning Guide

  • Work with a WILD certified coach
  • Set goals and
  • Mobile responsive
  • Done-for-you setup and custom assets
Partnering with the world's best


Flexible learning. Reach your goals and cancel anytime.



A high-converting website where to upload the content.

100% Money Back Guarantee
Mobile Responsive
Professional Advice
Minor Customization
Custom Icons
Custom Illustrations
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Custom Assets


Custom graphics to match your brand identity.

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Custom icons
Custom illustrations
Custom mockups
Unlimited revisions
Logo design
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