Turn your passions into opportunities discover a world outside of school

We build a web of support around you based on your interests. New friends, industry mentors and inspiring teachers who can help you develop new skills and a portfolio that gets you connected to real world opportunities.

Build Your Dream Career
How it works & outcomes

Build your portfolio with our teachers & unlock opportunities.

1. Build a Portfolio of Real World SkillsBook classes online or in the city based on your interests to build your portfolio with teachers.

2. Grow Your Professional Network
Grow your professional network and meet supportive mentors in the online community.

3. Access the Latest ToolsUp to 25% discounts on tools like Photoshop, Notion and Unity. Get the tools you need to succeed and get early access to the new software.

Get access to a skills support
network that's with you for life

Take ownership

The City as a School network is controlled by you– the learners– and the providers, a combination of individual teachers and learning centres. You choose when, where and how you learn.

Personalised support

Get flexible support depending on your unique needs and goals. You can start by joining one online community for free, then decide if you want to attend in-person events or work with an accredited learning guide.

Future-proof your career

The skills mix you'll needed for a successful career will change more frequently as technology changes the way we work and live. Use our tools and techniques to navigate all the career choices and information flying your way!

Solve real-world problems

Gone are the days of wondering 'Why am I learning this?!'. Apply what you know in 'Quests' and your own projects. Come up with your own solution to problems that our industry partners find in your city. Receive badges and awards for your ideas.

Social and community centric

There are communities for all kinds of interests, we call them 'Guilds'. Some are led by experts on our team, others are led by learners like you. Guilds curate resources, and are a great place to meet friends and collaborators. Join up up to 3 guilds and attend events in-person and online.

Counts towards university or career

CVs, diplomas and resumes can't communicate the details or depth of your knowledge. We use a learning record powered by the Mastery Transcript. Bring together pictures, videos, code, notes from online courses and badges issued by our industry partners to get into uni or land your next job.

Here's how it works

1. Create a City as a School (CAS) profile

Fill out an application including your goals, add to your portfolio your projects and work history.

2. Build a custom learning schedule

Explore what's on offer on your own or schedule a call with a City as a School guide if you want personalised support.

3. Accelerate your career and projects

Build your portfolio and get matched to jobs and opportunities with companies in your city or remote.

Early Access
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Resources to accelerate your journey

Create a listing page for your learning centre's in-person and online offerings.

Increase your reach, be discoverable and let us connect your offerings with motivated young people all over the globe.

Simple tools for managing your micro school, training programs, workshops and events.

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Question 1

What does City as a School offer learners and families?

City as a School (CAS) is a marketplace which connects inspiring experts to teens aged 14+ to learn real world skills. Teens browse our selection of classes, guided projects and tutors. This allows each learner to build a custom curriculum based on their interests or their career goals.

We offer

- Marketplace of classes from vetted teachers and experts.
- City browser to find all the facilities, learning centres and event spaces available for learning in London
- Learning record app to keep a long trail of evidence for your learning and build a portfolio
- Work and Internship placements at partner organisations

Book a guide call to get more details

Question 2

What topics can I expect?

There is a wide variety of classes available at CAS. We welcome classes on all subjects and in all formats, for learners up to age 19. Classes include short-form introductory classes that meet 1-4 times, as well as longer form semester-long classes.

CAS focuses on listing classes what allow young people to understand the tools or methods of the industry as well as the soft-skills required to do well working with teams. For example classes on Augmented / Mixed Reality, Software development, Game development, User Interface / Experience Design, Robotics, Problem Solving, Project Management, Finance, Investing.

Question 3

Who can teach?

City as a School does not require formal teaching credentials. We believe that many adults can offer rewarding classes based on their experience and interests. We focus on bringing onboard teachers who are either in or have significant experience in the industries we place our learners at. We require criminal background checks before teachers list their first class. Teachers must be residents of the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom.

Question 4

What does it cost?

Our mobile app is free to download, classes vary in price but average about $15 per 45 minute session to $30 for a 45 minute session.

Question 5

Is City as a School right for you?

City as a School is great for you, if...

  • You're looking to turn ideas into reality and want to see your learning impact the real world
  • You want to develop a self-determined mindset
  • You thrive when you're supported by a community of mixed age and skills
  • Traditional education didn't work for you
  • Learning and building skills based on your interest, instead of studying for tests is more appealing
Question 6

I have other questions!

Get in touch with our head of teacher success len@cityasaschool.com