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A project led-pathway into an industry supported by a community of friends, mentors and experts to build a professional network. Work on ideas & projects that excite you, learn new skills to build a portfolio that will get you hired.

Free to join

Turn your ideas to reality in 6 weeks for free. We fund guilds by partnering with companies & govs

Portfolio of Projects

Do as many 6 week cycles until you have a portfolio full of projects that will get you hired.

Mentorship & Network

Book 1-1 sessions to get custom support from mentors and industry experts in the guild.

Income Opportunities

When you portfolio is ready you can access bounty projects, internships and job opportunities

A culture of learning

There is a culture of learning that happens across guilds at City as a School. It’s a tempo, a heartbeat that fosters our show don’t tell approach to learning.

6 Week Build Cycle

Most guilds have a rolling 6 week build cycle where everyone shares weekly updates to their learning record. If you share at least 4/6 weekly post updates your're invited to a demo day!

Demo day can be in person or online. The demo day in each guild which also kicks off the start of the next 6 week build cycle so new members can be inspired by the previous cycles participants.

This is not a course.

Or a step-by-step tutorial. or a bootcamp. we won’t show you how to code a web app, how to open up a photo editing software, how to set up a shopify store, etc. that knowledge is just a google/youtube search away.

You can participate in a guild after work, during school, between classes. Just publish 4/6 times a week to be invited to demo day for your guild.

Week 1

you'll lock down the first version of your idea -- depending on your guild you’ll either find a real world problem to solve, build a video game, publish a song to spotify - anything that excites you!

Choose something from our lists of inspiration projects that we scope with our industry partners or something that excites you that you've been dying to work on!

Week 2

you'll create the first version of your idea if you haven't already.

Each week, you'll be provided with frameworks, cheat codes,  that help you push forward, all within a structure that keep you accountable, lectures by those that have done it before and mentors who you can book calls with to get personalised 1-1 support.

Week 3 4 5 6

Keep building, meeting up with others in the Guild, and publishing your weekly posts so that others can support you. If you want you can publish your posts to your social channels to build your channel or social cred'

Did we mention it’s 100% free?

When you're ready, let's get to it!

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Solve local and global challenges

Civics Guild

An opensource tech. tree of social and scientific challenges curated by real labs and organisations, to build in-roads for young people to sense and solve real world challenges. Equipped with a constellation of near-peer mentors, learning experiences, experts, and A.I. co-pilots, the network crowd sources problems, crowd-funds and crowd-solves together.

🎯 From seeing problems in the world to becoming a local or global change maker

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Create Games, Animations & Movies

Unity Guild

Create a winning portfolio and secure your dream job in the dynamic fields of game development, film animation, augmented reality, or 3D graphics design. Develop your skills in building basic games, elements, and interactions, and increase your chances of getting hired. With the guidance of our expert mentors, you'll have the support you need to break into any industry involving 3D design in Unity.

🎯 From a passion in games to a job in the animation games or film industry

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Unleash your creativity

Interdisciplinary Arts

We revitalise disused spaces and disconnected communities by creating a fertile ground for connection and expression, in which people from all backgrounds and levels of artistic development can come together with established virtuosos of the trade to create and share art. We recognise the transformational power of artistic expression in both individuals and communities and strive to harness the power of creativity for social change.

🎯 From a passion for arts and creative expression to a job in the audio, film or fashion industry

Coming Summer 2024

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