A learning ecosystem democratically owned by our community

A user-owned and controlled education system. Complete actions to receive phantom shares, which are priced 1-1 with City as a School shares. Become a co-owner, get dividend payouts and decide how the network evolves.
Co-ownership Model

Who we are

Our members are learning centre operators, individual educators, innovators, parents and policy makers. Together, we're pathing the way for a new kind of learning system. One that enables future generations to thrive in our complex world and address novel challenges that do not have pre-existing solutions. A learning system that's equitable and adaptive at the core.

We’re not aligned with VC style growth. We’re a UK for-profit with a progressive decentralisation plan that results in regular dividend payouts to our Co-owners and maybe eventually in an Exit to Community. This means our, parents, teachers, learning centre operators and industry partners will share in our upside as we grow.

We’re not like AirBnB or Uber where the owners and drivers are just inventory. We want to align the education system around human flourishing, not wealth extraction.  

How to earn ownership

We want you to lead and leverage this network to grow your vision of education. London will look different to New York, which will look different to Taipei. Co-ownership enables you to grow your city and be rewarded for it.

We share ownership with our contributors based on your 3 core actions. Doing these actions rewards you with phantom shares in City as a School which are priced 1-1 with our normal shares. Watch our walkthrough video to submit your actions.

We’re exploring how we can also open-source our technology and become the de-facto learning ecosystem infrastructure at national levels in multiple countries.

Our goal is to create a organisation where there’s an opportunity for teachers and education providers to become financially independent. Teachers have one of the toughest, impactful and fulfilling, jobs: they should be rewarded for it.

How to Vote: 4 phases of Governance

When we have big decisions to make as a network we will use the Radical x Change voice process.

Step 1 - Form a group:

The best ideas happen when people brainstorm and work together. Join the City as a school slack channel to share and discuss ideas about how to improve the network with other
City as a School users. Once there is consensus on a change, you can write (or contribute to) a proposal. Book an onboarding call to join the discussion in slack.

Step 2 - Explore a shared problem:

Voice makes it easy to explore a shared problem, identifying and building on areas of consensus. Everyone’s voice is heard in a Pol.is conversation. Users can share thoughts, feelings, opinions, values, facts, or principles they feel are relevant. There are no replies or threads, so disagreements don’t derail the agenda. Users iterate on comments they don’t quite agree with, and thereby ideas evolve toward consensus. Pol.is outputs meaningful data about which comments built consensus and which were divisive.

Step 3 - Identify actionable compromises:

Ballot construction is decentralized. A ballot of actionable options for the group is constructed from user submissions in the Pol.is conversation. An appointed curator ensures that the proposals are coherent. Users can reject the ballot if they disapprove of the curation. A shared decision is reached using Quadratic Voting (QV). With QV, users can express the magnitude of their preferences, which means apathetic majorities don’t swing decisions.

Step 4 - Results and Action:

The final phase of governance is the Execution Period. This is a phase where the community conducts a final technical review and ensures the successful implementation of approved proposals. As the City as a School network continues to decentralize, more control is expected to be placed in the hands of its users, and additional new, organic forms of governance are expected to develop within the network.

Grow with us.

Our Community Leaders lead member trainings and events to improve your teaching practice, scale your online learning offerings and foster a culture of growth. Contact us via the chat widget to promote your professional development opportunities.

James Miller

Ceo & founder

Hiking addict, guitarist, design furniture lover and RISD grad. Operating at the crossroads of design and computer science to craft experiences that people remember.

Dalia Holmes

co-founder, cmo

Mother of 2, DJ, creative marketer, music and art lover. Operating at the junction of data science and intuition to develop marketing campaigns that bring results.

Denise Yoder

co-founder, cto

Serial entrepreneur, vegan, cat mom, always looking for the next gret podcast. Operating at the sweet spot between art and science to delight customers.

Tobias Nash

Senior Developer

Autodidact developer, aspiring astronaut, NBA fan and self-help junkie. Operating at the junction of simplicity and elegance to develop visual solutions that inform and persuade.

Hanifa Lim

Senior Developer

Foodie, Hemingway fanatic, flautist and gamer.  Operating at the sweet spot between genius and madness to inspire the next generation of software developers.

Hector Martinez

Senior Designer

Addicted to typography, striving to get 1% better every day, always trying to get that WOW effect. Operating at the crossroads between beauty and performance.


Question 1

What are the tax implications?

For co-owners, the income taxes are your responsibility, according to local laws. With the revenue share payout, you'd need to report it as any other type of income.
With ownership sharing in the future, we would use the virtual shares model (VSOP).
Please note this is not legal or tax advice, and you should seek your own tax advice if necessary.

Question 2

Why do this as a token?

Tokens are easier to distribute than other forms of ownership. Setting up Employee Share Ownership Programmes (known as ESOPs), revenue shares, or royalty licences is complex. Tokens let you easily share what you want, when you want, how much you want, with much more granular control. Tokens let you take offline ownership, and make it programmable, like the rest of the internet.
Tokens are also preferable for contributors because they are more liquid. Contributors can more easily know the real value of what they've been given, and cash in on them more easily.

Question 3

So is this a DAO now?

No, we are not forming a prefixed idea of what City As A School should be - that is a path to be explored.

A Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) is an organization living on the blockchain - proposals can be made and voted on by the community, finances are recorded on the blockchain, and operational rules are programmed in smart contracts.

But to clarify the differences from being a DAO:

- Legal entity - City As A School is registered as a UK Limited Company. These tokens are compliant with this same legal framework - we don't need to become a DAO with legal grey areas of uncertainty over changing regulation.
- Start small - we are not sharing the entire ownership and governance of City As A School, as a DAO would (extreme model). We are starting with a small ownership goal, and can see how we want to grow it in a modular way.
- No crypto User experience - there is no need to have a crypto wallet or learn the crypto jargon - you just need your email address to participate in the program.

Question 4

How much will my shares be worth in the future?

In the early days, owning shares is a way to create a deeper relationship with you beyond enabling transactions for you on our platform. Over time as more people use the network the value of the network increases and profits are kept in a treasury. A combination of our treasury value and the company valuation which will change as we raise funds from investors will determine the value of your shares.

Question 5

So you have 1,000,000 million shares now, what about dilution events, like future fundraising rounds

We're currently making a dilution calculator for you to find out how much your shares will be diluted if we initiate another funding round or issue new shares. Our commitment to you is to be transparent with and events that will effect you share value.

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