Civics Guild:

A free 6 week program and ecosystem for youth change makers

Join our 9 October - 13 November cohort
Ages 14+
Apply by 6 October
Free to join

Turn your ideas to reality in 6 weeks for free. We fund guilds by partnering with companies & govs.

Build in public

Publish content each week on Linkedin / Twitter accounts. Build proof to share with employers.

Mentorship & network

Book 1-1 sessions to get custom support from mentors and industry experts in the guild.

Income opportunities

When your portfolio is ready you can access further funding and paid fellowship positions.

From 9 October - 13 November go from ideas to reality

Weekly Schedule

Sunday - Weekly kickoff email with instruction and resources

Monday - Live Youtube stream workshop demo for the week + Q&A

Wednesday - drop in office hours with mentors

Friday Deadline:
Project updates including images, videos, code, documents

Saturday Deadline - weekly project update submission due

Apply by 6 October

Turn your ideas into impactful solutions in 6 weeks

We believe that teens and young adults have the vision and capacity to change the world and we want to help you do it! You’ll go from seeing problems in the world to becoming a local or global change maker.

Join a 6 week build cycle where everyone shares weekly updates and works on a projects that excites them. Work mostly online or co-work in-person with other Civics Guild learners in your cohort at learning centres in your city or meet up in London or New York.

Each week you'll post project's updates. The projects that get the most likes & engagement will be invited to the demo day held on zoom on the final week to show off your idea.

If you make it to demo day we'll share the recording of you presenting your project with the whole city as a school network to give you a social boost and connect you to our partners who can help with mentorship and funding.

This is not a course.

Or a step-by-step tutorial or a bootcamp. We won’t show you how to code a web app, how to open up a photo editing software, how to do soldering etc. that knowledge is just a google/youtube search away.

You can participate in a guild after work, during school, between classes. Just show up and publish weekly updates on your social profiles, the best communicated projects will be invited to demo day.

Week 1

you'll lock down the first version of your idea - depending on your guild you’ll either find a real world problem to solve, build a video game, publish a song to spotify - anything that excites you!

Choose something from our lists of inspiration projects that we scope with our industry partners or something that excites you that you've been dying to work on!

Here's a list of projects we wish existed.
Here's a list of hackathon problems that you can work on for cash prizes.

Week 2

you'll finalise your idea and built the first prototype of your idea if you haven't already.

Each week, you'll be provided with frameworks and cheat codes, that help you push forward, all within a structure that keep you accountable, lectures by those that have done it before and mentors who you can book calls with to get personalised 1-1 support.

Week 3 4 5 6

Keep building, meeting up with others in the Guild, and publishing your weekly posts so that others can support you. If you want you can publish your posts to your social channels to build your channel or social cred'

After Week 6

You'll get support seeking additional funding or mentorship for your project. Continued access to CAS Civics Guild Discord-Additional CAS learning experiences, mentorship opportunities, and civic challenges.

Did we mention it’s 100% free?

Turn your ideas into impact

Join our 9 October - 13 November cohort
Ages 14+
Apply by 6 October

Latest tools, tech and frameworks in the free library

  • Templates to speed up your workflows
  • Frameworks and diagrams for content ideas
  • Early access to Arc browser and other software
  • The best learning resources on the internet


Question 1

What kind of projects can I do?

We view civics broadly as the rights and duties of a citizen. This may mean many things to you, so we’re excited to help you solve problems local or global, social or technological. You could build an app, research and write an article, create and run an event, or so much more!

Question 2

It’s really free?

Yes! The CAS Civics Guild receives external support to bring students like you this opportunity to problem-solve in community. In addition to the weekly cohort meetings, you’ll also have access to the CAS learning experiences, which are paid.

Question 3

What are these learning experiences and why might I want to enroll in addition to being a part of the cohort?

The cohort is primarily a small community to support your work where you’ll learn and practice general problem-solving and project-building skills. The learning experiences, on the other hand, are specific to certain topics like AI, philosophy, animal welfare, or climate change. These can help you get problem-specific skills and knowledge to advance what you are able to do on your project.

Question 4

What is Demo Day?

This is an opportunity to share the latest version of what you’ve been working on with the CAS community. We’ll invite families and mentors to this virtual showcase and you’ll have the chance to present or demo what you’ve been working on.

Question 5

What if I can’t attend every session?

That’s ok! In order to be a part of Demo Day we require that you’ve been at at least 4 of the first 5 weeks of the cohort. We know you might also be busy with other mentor sessions, learning experiences, or other parts of your life so if you are worried about meeting that bar we’re happy to be in conversation about finding an agreement that works for you.

Question 6

What is the relationship between the paid learning experiences and the free cohorts?

These opportunities run in parallel and students are encouraged to participate in a combination that makes sense for them to balance content with project support.

Question 7

I have other questions!

Get in touch with our head of Civics success